Murdock Environmental Policy

At Murdock Hardwood Industries we are passionate about timber and its role in helping to create a sustainable future. We care deeply about our environment and where our timber comes from. With this in mind we have always been strict in sourcing timber only from approved suppliers. Murdock Hardwood is a chain of custody certified company. Having chain of custody certification verifies that the forest based materials are produced according to rigorous standards and these standards are followed along the product’s path from the forest to becoming finished goods, it signals that the timber used during production has met the chain of custody requirements at every step in the supply chain from sourcing to distribution.

All our door stock come with FLEGT licences which confirms that any timber involved in the production of the door complies fully with the relevant laws of the country of export. FLEGT licenced timber products are considered to comply with the EU/UK timber regulations with the advantage of having these licences eliminating the risk of importing illegal timber.

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